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Gettin’ ’em Wires Off

In a couple hours I am going to go to a dentist and have my wires removed from my mouth. I can communicate pretty well now and the swelling has gone down enough to sip without a straw. This is a good day. Still, I feel apprehensive. I don’t have insurance yet, and I still don’t know what my final bill from my week-long (emergency) hospital stay was. This is through a different clinic I was referred to by the emergency care providers so hopefully they are all on the same page, but I have been anticipating some fuckery about “Well, how are you paying today?”

Nonetheless, I will remain non-plussed. These guys —the medical establishment—put the wires in, and so it feels like a violation of Hippocratic Oath to leave them in.

Maybe I’m making more out of this than I need to. It will probably go smoothly. They probably already know I don’t have insurance from my file.

It’s funny, I never had a hospital stay in Canada where it would have costed me nothing. A few months in the US though and here we are. Fuck it! I survived Latin America and Mexico with no insurance and those places are dangerous as hell—this was meant to happen, so I”m gonna trust the universe and believe that everything will work out as its meant to.


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Day 4 in Emergency

These motherfuckers are really taking their sweet ass time with triage. I checked into ER in Maricopa on Friday after getting a vicious sucker punch which fractured my jaw in two places. That night I was transferred to Phoenix. and the last couple mornings someone unfailingly comes in and tells me that my ‘procedure’ been postponed for a day on account of no OR space.

The procedure in question is getting put under so that they can put titanium plates in my jaw. IN the meantime, I’ve ben waiting so long that the pain and bleeding have mostly stopped, and while the left-anterior fracture is setting improperly, a broken jaw that has calmed the fuck down re: bleeding and pain presents a great opportunity to stretch without fear of breaking my jaw.

So that’s what I did last night; lengthening my entire vertebral column and moving it around, and feeling layers of muscle unwrapping from around my and having my skull plates and upper jaw shift.

The jawbone is literally connected to every other bone.

So I got another 24 hours to keep working on that loosening up of the body before the plates go in and I have to chill the f out on intensive stretching while my jaw sets in place.

I also got (minor) concerns that nerve damage could occur during surgery but the docs seem quite competent. I think some ‘detritus’ needs to come out of the right side of my face (wisdom teeth potentially), but I don’t want them pulling tissue out willie nillie because who knows where it could be connected? The jawbone’s connected to the…

Cost notwithstanding, I am glad to have another 24 hours to utilize this broken jaw to stretch and unwrap muscle tissue that is both connected to my right-side jaw and wrapped around my vertebrae and whole right side through fascial chains.


The song, Through the Wire by Ye has been a good song to listen to to take motivation. Also School Spirit. Anything Kanye, really. I rewatched the jeen-yus Kanye trilogy again last night, and one thing he says at the end of the first episode when they foreshadow his car accident is,

‘It was like God saying, “I’m about to hand you the world. Just know at any given time I could take it away from you.”’

That seemed powerful to me, and certainly relatable as my American life is about to take off.


Til next time

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