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I like South Beach, but Im in St. Tropez … kind of

My Friends,
   Trust me when I say it has been an eventful few days, even if only for one 18 hour stretch where I seemed to enter the twilight zone.  More on that when I get to Milan.
   I am doing well, and as per the title I am near the baller-mecca of St. Tropez.  As I walked toward it I half expected Jay-Z to pull over in a limo and give me a ride to his villa.  Instead I got Herve and Valerie, who have taken this stray puppy in, fed him, and given him a warm bed to sleep in for the night.  Yup, they fucked up lol.   Seriously though, I love this.  This is exactly the kind of goodwill that you are wont to come across when you put yourself out there and search for adventure.  Things are winding down so I gotta go.  Last night I slept in the dirt, and tonight I have a queensize and a plasma screen.
Stay Thirsty
-Andre Guantanamo

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