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I ain’t no simp or no wimp—ˆ’m a motherfuckin’ pimp!

I had occasion to grill meat and vegetables on a large barbecue. It felt good to grill zucchini and eggplant that had been dressed with balsamic vinegar—just like my stepdad used to grill on the barbecue back in the day. making food for other people is one of those things that I need to do more in life as part of my healing arc.

Arc reactors were never meant to be the end but a transitory step, Tony.
Thanks, Dad

PBS stands for Pussy Bullshit Station (I think methinks)

H.O.V. I got my own lane now. My lane is now what?: I live in the United States of America and its fucking scary here and Im so alone. I have a wife and she’s cool, but as a husband, its not a good look to run and hide behind my wife apron-strings. Also, my wife doesn’t wear aprons—she’s not exactly traditional housewife, but then I’m not traditional husband so it all evens out.

Josh Groban is returning to the (PBS?) stage for a show that is apparently gonna be pretty good. I’m glad for him.

A dedicated team of archaeologists have made a discovery at stonehenge”—The mo’ dedicated the mo’ medicated
Stonehenge—built 4-5K years ago by stone-age people now lost to time.

Shrouds—what’s the deal? Why are they always (very often) made of mystery (the shrouds that is)?

I’ve been following the Kanye West news more than any other news. I get inundated with the PBS every night, sure, but I default filter a lot of that commie claptrap out.
—The wizard, Merlin led people west to Ireland—the land of giants; He used his magic to transport the stones back to England
-rather than Ireland it was actually west Wales

Stonehenge archaeologist says that if you wanna understand stonehenge you gotta focus on the blue stones.


I’ve been hearing mention of Nazi bases in Antarctica but I’m fairly certain its from people (one person) who knows I know where the Nazis are. It’s okay—you can make fun of my crazy as long as you speak my crazy to do it. I bolded the last sentence after writing it cause it sounded like something Kanye might say.

Zircon is good for dating other rocks because as a mineral it isn’t affected so much by processes.
—Must be cause of its cubic structure; very stable, like diamond.

What a day. What a life.

This is a famous picture of Burt Reynolds and an unnamed bear. They both have exquisite pelts, except that Burt (at the time) is alive and the bear is not.
As being alive is better than being dead* we can deduce that it is better to be Burt Reynolds than it is to be the bear (at least at the time this picture was taken.

But let’s back it up: Everything being equal—Burt and Bear both alive—the bear, even if he was the creme de la creme of bears, would have had an existence that paled in comparison to the opulence, comfort and decadence (and achievement) of Burt Reynolds. Burt Reynolds represented the top 0.1% of men. Did that bear represent the same percentile among bears? And if he did, we have to assume that the peak of humanity os better than the peak of bear, fearsome though the latter may be.
Being Burt is better.

Bur Burt is dead. So he’s equal to the bear? No, as the top 0.1% of humanity, Burt has a body of work that survives as well as his life in people’ memories. The bear would be dead and gone were he not posed with Burt. BUrt is life. If this picture didn’t exist, Burt would still live on but the bear would not.



*discussed elsewhere

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