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I Think the Dog is Frustrated

…because people talk to him like he’s retarded. He’s also an entitled little chunker fat fuck pit bull. He’s got personality in the same way that fair-weather friends have personality—all kinds of well-behaved when there’s food t be doled out; difficult and non-responsive when there isn’t.

It doesn’t help that I’ve been away most of the last two months and his mother has been the only one taking care of him. He was very fat when I came into picture but he’s been losing weight over time.

As you can see from the above two pics, taken in May 2022 and October 2022 respectively, he’s lost a little weight around the waist. It was actually more weight he’d lost but the latter picture was taken when I had already ben gone over a month.

I like my dog. When push comes to shove I love my dog. I think he, he like my wife, is probably tailor-fitted for me by God, and so I’m being really mindful about what lessons there are for me in taking care of both their punk asses.

It’s BLACK friday. I’m endeavoring to do some Christmas shopping. My wife is here now and she is a bit of a Debbie Downer even though I’m Christmas shopping for her and her son. It’s actually pretty pathetic.

She was gone a little earlier this morning and I had a good 2 hour session on Oculus/Horizon Worlds/Adventure Island Sandbox—a PvP shooter. Lots of fun. I play with pistols and grenades primarily, and the manual firing of the pistol has taught me greater dexterity while moving the joystick at the same time with my thumb.
As well, if one can fire manually quick enough, its essentially a close-to-auto rate of fire—slower than SMG which uses same round, and weaker than AR which has a slower auto rate but more powerful round.
It’s fun talking to people on there.

All kinds of people:
-kids (people with pre-pubescent voices anyway) who scream and curse
-kids who try and become friends and call me to various parts of the board to give me good weapons
-cool girls
-girls who make a big deal of being a girl playing online
-black dudes (and people with southern drawls) who talk shit well
-Minnesota SJWs who discuss politics while playing

Basically, all of society is represented.


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