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Gettin’ ’em Wires Off

In a couple hours I am going to go to a dentist and have my wires removed from my mouth. I can communicate pretty well now and the swelling has gone down enough to sip without a straw. This is a good day. Still, I feel apprehensive. I don’t have insurance yet, and I still don’t know what my final bill from my week-long (emergency) hospital stay was. This is through a different clinic I was referred to by the emergency care providers so hopefully they are all on the same page, but I have been anticipating some fuckery about “Well, how are you paying today?”

Nonetheless, I will remain non-plussed. These guys —the medical establishment—put the wires in, and so it feels like a violation of Hippocratic Oath to leave them in.

Maybe I’m making more out of this than I need to. It will probably go smoothly. They probably already know I don’t have insurance from my file.

It’s funny, I never had a hospital stay in Canada where it would have costed me nothing. A few months in the US though and here we are. Fuck it! I survived Latin America and Mexico with no insurance and those places are dangerous as hell—this was meant to happen, so I”m gonna trust the universe and believe that everything will work out as its meant to.


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