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Watch Where You Walk

“Stay off the fuckin’ flowers!”—Raekwon

“MIND WHE’YA STEP!”—Kardinal Offishall

Trudeau has a fall guy now. A CSIS spook. This is embarrassing.

I think the recorded G20 conversation between Jinping and Trudeau was staged. If staged, then incredibly well acted.
—They played their roles perfectly.

Whistle while your wife works

I’m so smart that if I see a corner I peel it to see what’s really underneath.
But that’s no good if we live and work with a bunch of other deeply-flawed, ‘dog-eared’ people like ourselves.
You can’t pull back every veneer, and even the ones you can and should pull back, you have to be judicious about how much you pull it back, the timing, and of course, the force with which you rrrrip it back. (“Time for Jack to let ‘er rip!”)
Not every lifting of the veil need be a rending of the veil.

“I was right at an orgy once; no one would fuck me.”—Dave Chappelle
“It’s more important to vibe than it is to be right.”—Wayne ‘Juggler’ Elise

“When enough people make enough false promises, words stop meaning anything. Then there are no more answers, only better and better lies.”—Jon Snow

The bottom line is that we all live in glass houses, we all have to throw stones sometimes, and we should reasonably expect seven stones hurled back at us for every one we throw—but we still have to throw them and we still live in glass houses.

Life is a death march into a battle that will kill you, and not everyone marching in formation keeps their nerve.

That’s all you have to do though if you want to “Ace” life. Keep your nerve and act like you’re enjoying it.

You might just convince yourself that you do—which is a lot better than others brainwashing you.

Yeah—what about that idea? You’re going to inevitably get brainwashed. Might as well do it yourself.


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