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Thanks for stopping by.  You may read a lot of different things in this blog relating to a lot of different subjects, but there will be a consistent theme which you will undoubtedly recognize: an interest in causality and why people do the things they do.  I am very much interested in the root cause(s) which underlie all human behaviours and give rise to the ills of the world.

So what is the root cause of all the ills in the world?

Let me explain to you in brief why I think things are messed up.  First off it isn’t politicians, because they are only an outgrowth of government which is also an outgrowth of something else.

It’s not money because money is only a symbol.  And on that note neither is it fractional reserve lending or central/private banking interests as the libertarian camp may assert.  These too are symptoms or outgrowths of something else.

Its not the clout of monolithic, oversized corporations, infringing on the market share of smaller businesses and keeping wages low.  These are just players at the game who have been given the same rules as everyone else and happen to be winning.

Finally, it is not immutable human nature, because there is no such thing.  A human being at conception is a big ball of potential.  Potential for good and potential for bad, if I may use such inadequate and misleading terms.  It is the environment inputs they are exposed to in utero and after they are born, playing off of their innate potentials which determines if good or bad qualities and behaviours are nurtured.

So what then?  Well, we live in a world where people do things like go to work, scrimp & save, steal and deceive to pool enough money from the money supply to ensure their continued survival or affluence.  Now as I already stated, the problem is not money, but I want to illustrate money is the prime motivation for most of the actions we take.  Even when an action is not directly for money it will often cost money and so rarely are we faced with an undertaking where this most ubiquitous of resources is not first and foremost in our minds.

In short, there is never enough money, even if there is enough of the actual resources which it exists to give us access to.  We live in a world which can sustain all seven billion of us easily, and several billion more, but so many of us don’t have the money to pay for sustenance.  What I think this points to is that the most deleterious effect of money is that it reinforces a fear of scarcity which I think is our fundamental value.

Fear of scarcity, or, more broadly, FEAR.  This is where I think we are at.  We do some things out of fear, we are averse to other things because of fear.  We place a higher value on security than we do on freedom, we will pay top dollar for peace of mind, and we have this nagging paranoia that other people are out to get us/fuck us over/take our money/kidnap our kids.  In a very broad sense, I don’t think there is one societal ill which, if traced back along the chain of causality far enough, is not an outgrowth of this fear, particularly fear of scarcity.  And, should I deign to use this blog to explore whatever topical happening is popular in the news at a certain time, you will likely see me relate it back to fear of scarcity in some way.

All of that being said, this blog is hopeful in that it recognizes one important truth: “Man is free the moment he decides he is.”  A change for the better is as simple (or difficult) as swimming against the current of fear which carries us in the wrong direction if we let it.  For many, the greatest difficulty is recognizing when they are acting out of fear because so often fearful actions are justified as common sense, advantageous or “the way things are.”  I want to try and help with that.

You see when I first started blogging I was tempted to classify my blog as an “adventure blog.”  Take that to mean what you will, but adventure has always had an allure to me.  It is only now that I see that adventure is one of the greatest remedies for the fear which is so pervasive in our world.  And while I have travelled far and wide, I have come to see that adventure is not necessarily a matter of changing your geography; its much more accessible than that.  Personally, I am fond of the quotation, “Everything happens in high-definition beyond the ‘no-entry’ sign.”  If you think about it, there is a lot of presumption associated with putting up a sign or enacting a rule and expecting everyone to fall in line.  This is not to say that you should indiscriminately violate every sign you see, but take things on a case by case basis and decide for yourself if that area which has been deemed off-limits has been deemed so for your benefit.  This is the heart of adventure, and in a broader sense the heart of scientific inquiry; find out for yourself instead of relying on the authority of others.  Become a discoverer instead of fearing discovery.  Blaze a trail instead of sticking to your comfort zone.  Turn off the GPS and get lost.  Sleep outside just because.

There are so many things we can do right now to break the pattern of fear, all it takes is a decision to break your ingrained habits and a willingness to eschew security in favour of freedom.  Perhaps we can help each other in moving away from the fear-based value system which underlies so much negativity in the world and toward a more loving and noble world where people do things not because they are profitable, but because they are beautiful expressions of what it is to be a human being.

-Andre Guantanamo
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  4. going to have to chew on this one awhile

  5. Misskess

    Nice blog… About the fear, I agree completly. There is a german autor that wrote a book name the basic forms of fear. He describe four basic fears that can influence our personality, and the possible causes of that. It is a psychology book, but really nice. I remes´mbered that while reading your text here.

  6. hodgepodge4thesoul

    Nice blog-love the header, too.

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