An Arrangement

I have an arrangement. It’s not a great arrangement, but if I stick out everything will be fine.

How strong am I? As strong as I need to be.

How masochistic am I? Next question, please…

Sitting in a McDonalds now, avoiding home. The coffee is okay—I’ve had better from McDicks.

Life is precarious and life is precious. There is no shame in being weak, but there is shame in staying that way.

Time is short. Shorter for some than others; longer perhaps for me than anyone. I have all the time in the world.

I have a chance too—someone believes in me and is willing to work on my behalf. That’s good. More than one person in fact.

I made a good, big choices in life as well as small and medium mistakes. I’m not beyond redemption though.

I am good. I am upright. I am moral. I am righteous.

Nothing or noone will change that.


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