“What Obama Started”

*Written over three or four days*

“It all started with Obama” Jox thought to himself. “Obama, Trump, and Biden

Gay immigrants have infiltrated congress

*Asking questions vs Making judgments*

Sauntering staunchily

Normative like Norman Bates with the formative traits of premature birth that was four minutes late

If you walk around with a glow on your skin these people will hate you. They’re demons. They’ll claw at you.
-(He’s still talking)

Obama was a combo breaker with regard to skin color and ancestry. Some claimed illegitimacy based on birthplace..
—Legitimacy of presidency diminished among some groups

Trump was so polarizing that half the country voiced support of his ouster
—Legitimacy of presidency diminished among effectively half of population

Biden seems mentally compromised; Biden ‘supporters’ are ‘never Trump again’ de facto supporters, and the cynical Machiavellians who have no problem with a warm body being kept ambulant/speaking via chemistry so long as their agenda is pushed
—Legitimacy of presidency diminished among large swathes of the population totalling perhaps more than half

A prism refracts reality into observable fragments of which each, if pursued, into roads unto themselves. Each fragment of reality is a fractal of reality and the fractals are like in kind and different in degree. In this was they are the same—as fractals need to be as reflection of each order of magnitude in both directions—but also different, as each fractal, mulitversal, fragment is actually a petrie dish with a culture on a spiralling ascent or descent.


Wild elephants on HWheel (sic) of Fortune

I felt big sad today. And lonely. Missed my wife.

Angry when she home; Sad when she gone type thing.

How am I going to survive the winter? Well, I think. I’m going to shop responsibly and cook a lot, but fat will have to be trimmed as well. I am going to have subscriptions to gym and maybe coworking space DT. Life can be good, but I’ll have to be bold.


We click out of reality twice every oscillation. In those clicks we actually move to a fragment, or rather the next moment in the fragment we were looking at. However, the fragment we are looking at is determined moment to moment, limited by the speed of one’s perception and cognition.

The frequency of snakes en route to our goal, as well as the severity of snakes makes them dangerous.

The ladders make us feel so good and so always feel well deserved.


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