Quantum of Solace

My Friends,
   Today was my last day at my full-time job.  I had long been unhappy there and only stayed due to the relative comfort; a bad reason to do anything that does not make you happy.  When I realized it was affecting my work and relationships with co-workers I figured I’d end on a high-note.
   Now while this should enable me more time to blog (that post about rape is just around the corner from being done), I will actually have the internet equivalent of radio silence from about 3pm tomorrow until March 3rd.  The reason for my absence from my favourite haunt (read: teh webs)???  I am going to be in Egbert, Ontario participating in a 12-day Vipassana meditation course.  I don’t know exactly what it is and maybe that’s the point.  I initially signed up for it as a convenient way to get out of work (that aforementioned job I was not happy at), but now that I have quit there the thought has occurred to me that maybe I don’t need to go to an intensive meditation course because I have all the free time I could want.
   Welllllll, no.  I am notorious for dicking around and procrastinating and even when I do meditate my mind tends to wander before I drift off to sleep.  I am hoping to step my meditation game up a little over the next week or two although I am not going in with a specific goal.*
   So what to expect?  Not really sure.  I know that I will be taking a vow of silence for the duration of the stay which will be damn near impossible for me.  I am forbidden from killing anything or doing any harm (translation: I’ll be eating lentils), and of course no internets, telephones or even notebooks.  So I guess I will have to remember all my sweet raps in my head-piece.
   Why would someone do this (ps no drugs or alcohol either)?  I guess I just want to drink life in and try everything there is to be tried.  I don’t mind adversity as long as there is a pay-off and the adversity is itself is part of the reward.  Suffering is great as long as it is joined with reward.  This is why I have willingly subjected myself to things like hitch-hiking and going to Afghanistan.  Of course these things can be shitty but they also have a certain appeal which is intrinsically tied to the shittiness.  In other words you can’t separate the two.

   Beyond these details, this past Sunday me and some friends put on an improv show at Homegrown Cafe in Hamilton, Ontario.  It was an important success if not a resounding one because it taught me a lot about what I personally want to focus on and I think my chums share the same ideas as I do.  I am looking to start performing live at the same time and venue every week following my return from Nirvana.  Through constantly putting ourselves out there and developing on our feet so to speak I think the gains will come much quicker as well as the confidence to start exploring other forms of performance art.  So we’ll see.
   In any event, I must bid you adieu.  There is much internetting and perhaps intercourse to get up to before the night is done.  Because oh yeah, no sexual activity during the meditation course which in my case will translate to (ahem) no self-abuse.

Stay Thirsty,
-Andre Guantanamo

*Usually when I meditate I have the goal of astrally projecting or lucid dreaming.  I have had limited success in these regards.

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