To Health…

My Friends,
   I have recently been watching a lot of the show Mad Men.  One of the things even a cursory viewing of the show will make clear is that ad men in the 1950s/60s liked them some liquor & tobacco.  I have to confess that all of the vices indulged in on the show make me want to pick up a glass of whiskey and my pipe and drink & smoke along with the characters.  The drinking is not so much of a problem (well it is for me cause I don’t have any liquor on-hand) but the smoking is; I have a pipe but if I want to smoke I must go outside.  I have to admit I am feeling nostalgic for a time before I was born when people could light up with impunity.  Now I have to worry about no-smoking regulations in public places, and the sensitive noses of my house-mates and my woman if I am at home.  Sure I could always go smoke outside, but its still winter out there and I’m not just looking to have a quick puff so I can get a nicotine fix.  Rather I am looking to puff my favourite tobacco blend (its called “Mark Twain” and its the shyyyit) and sip my new favourite rye (40 Creek) all while watch one of my new favourite shows.
   Unfortunately society has predictably gone from one retarded extreme to another.  We went from the days of excess (smoking permitted in hospitals) to the days of equal yet opposite excess (smoking banned even in bars and certain outdoor locations).  Why can’t we just collectively not be so fucking retarded and simply legislate in moderation?  The anti-tobacco lobby, which started as a health crusader, has now become an overbearing perversion of its original self, infringing on people’s freedoms to enjoy tobacco.  Everyone knows at this point that cigarettes are addictive and bad for your health, but its not like every smoker is a chain-smoking case of emphysema waiting to happen.  Some people (like me) just want to light up their pipe or cigar or every few weeks with a glass of something aged 12 years, and enjoy how the two flavours complement each other.  This is a simple, yet enriching experience which I believe few, if any in the anti-tobacco lobby have revelled in.
   As far as I’m concerned, we have gone too far and have marginalized a good portion of the population.  By demonizing their enjoyable pastime we have demonized them.  I don’t like it one bit.  Now if you’ll excuse I’m gonna go find something to smoke and drink.
Stay Thirsty,
-Andre Guantanamo


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4 responses to “To Health…

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  2. I dont think that it is demonized, the issue is when others have a preference for no-smoking you are kind of stuck when it comes to moderation. For bars to have a "smoking section" is impossible, you cannot keep the smell of smoke from creating its natural equilibrium state in the room-> therefore dispersing and making its way to those who have specifically asked to be away from the smell. So I have to agree with B.'s post i should be free from the smell if I want to be, and having it in a separate area is not going to keep it away from me.I have to agree with the fact that we are still allowing for it in cars, this is a tricky issue to deal with. If we were to ban smoking in cars, essentially we would have to ban smoking all together b/c a car is essentially treated like a house. I never like seeing a parent smoking in a car with the windows rolled up and a child in the back seat. Although, if they are doing that in their car, I'm sure they are doing the same thing in their own house too. Your property, your rules.Also, don't start digging a hole for yourself, breathing in no smoke is always going to be better then breathing in the occasional smoke. Although regarding your one cigar/pipe smoke every so often, I do agree that it shouldn't be a huge concern to the population's health as we breathe in numerous other cancer causing chemicals on a daily basis.Personally, I would be perfectly ok if I never had to smell smoke again, so whatever the government does to keep it to a bare minimum, at least with respect to tobacco smoke, I'm ok with it.

  3. With regard to the social pressure imposed by my girlfriend and housemates I was emphasizing the fact that smoking has not just been prohibited, but demonized. I think this is wrong.With regard to bars, I think they and restaurants should provide an indoor smoking alternative. In fact, have an enclosed smoking section if i makes the non-smoking patrons happy.I think the decision to be a smoking bar should rest with the proprietor of the establishment; patrons would know beforehand if they were entering a smoking or smoke-free establishment.We ostracize smokers but don't treat drivers as similar (worse) health risks? What the actual fuck?And as far as health risks are concerned I don't buy it. Certainly the consumption of tobacco products can lead to cancer but when organizations like the FDA are knowingly blocking proven cancer cures I have trouble thinking my occasional pipe-smoking is the true detriment to the health of others.Smoking is a harmful pastime/hobby to be sure but it has been around a long time and is more than just a simple addiction. Moderation not legislation is the key. If we need laws to tell people how to lead balanced lives we are pretty far gone as a species. I don't think it should be glorified or demonized, but like sex should be demystified. Personally I don't believe that there are addictive substances, just personalities. And if people develop a dependancy on tobacco it probably says more about their conditioning/socialization/need for a crutch than it does about the inherent harm of a product.

  4. B.

    I don't think the legislation is out of control, nor does it prohibit you from enjoying the scenario you've described: you want to smoke at home every now and then and enjoy some scotch. No government rules are preventing you from doing this, but rather the social pressure from your girlfriend and co-habitants.You say that we've swung so far that government now even regulates smoking in bars? I'm quite happy they've done this, from a public health perspective and for the fact that my clothes don't smell like shit.Sure, it may be enjoyable for you do have a pipe and a scotch at the end of your meal while out for dinner; I'd probably enjoy this as well. But by doing so in a confined space you are imposing your health risks onto everyone around you. Isn't the basic purpose of Government to protect individual freedoms and prevent people from harming one another?

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