Peer Review

My Friends,
   On a whim yesterday I decided to click the “next blog” link in the top navigation bar of the blogspot homepage.  It is essentially a “random blog” button as you never quite know where in the blogverse the button will take you.  While I never came upon the same blog twice in the course of my clickings, I did notice some trends.
   One such trend is that farmers like them some blogging; whether updating their readers on how the new calf is taking to the teat or posting the yield of their egg-producing hens, its all fair game for internet posting.  The Farmer’s Almanac of the future will be laboriously compiled from the postings of agriculturalists with an internet connection.
   Related to this is the garden/nature blog.  Horticulturalists and zoophiles also set up blogs which serve as monuments to their passions, and furthermore do so to the extent that I have yet to click “Next Blog” even ten times without coming to one such journal.  Quality varies but most seem quite good.  Still I find that in most cases the passion must be shared by the reader to really find the blog engaging.  Often this is because it is super-esoteric shit like pages devoted to the majestic blue-spotted Amazon osprey (I made that up but you get the idea).
   Finally, the most common type I have come across is the family blog or even the blog written about a kid by their parent.  I apologize in advance if this sounds overly critical but I have trouble co-signing this type of writing, especially the latter.  Perhaps its just written for the family, something like a time-capsule for posterity.  However, I take issue with people putting others out there as their sole blog-fodder.  If little Jimmy diarrhea’d all over you today that might make an interesting entry in your personal blog but the “Epic Diarrhea-ings of Little Jimmy Williams” seems like something that would get a little tired.
   ALSO, at one point I came across one such blog devoted to a child and the tagline read (paraphrase), “a blog about very happy and half-bald little boy.”  Basically the kid had some medical condition (dick cansir mayhaps?) and the parents were pimping it for e-sympathy.  Kill me if I ever resort to such disingenuous methods of generating readership.
   There were some gems out there though.  One that comes to mind is “Ukrainiana,” seemingly devoted to protest.  I only mention it because as of last night when I checked it there were some videos with boobies in them.

   I think I’m gonna check what else is out there periodically as I’d like to think that with so many productive minds at work there is bound to be someone out there whose writing speaks to me on some deep level.  But like every worthwhile find on the internet you gotta wade through the ocean of piss first.
Stay Thirsty,
-Andre Guantanamo

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