I Will Always Remember…

My Friends,’
   I found myself yesterday thinking a lot about high school for two reasons.  First, during the middle of the day, I received an email notification that a comment had been left on one of my youtube videos.  The comment was as follows:

“I bet you got your ass kicked all during high school? Yeah, that’s what I thought”
This gave me pause and I thought back on my high school tenure, evaluated how it went for me, and endeavoured to give this commentor an honest reply regarding his claim.  While my first response was to get defensive and tell the guy to “fuck off,” its important not to take the internet too seriously. 
On the other hand…
Besides, I actually owed this guy for giving me cause to reflect some. 
   Later on in the evening, the film “The Girl Next Door” was on television.  An important theme throughout the movie is what Emile Hirsch’s character takes away from his high-school experience, represented by the section in his yearbook, “Ï Will Always Remember…”  This too gave me pause to reflect on my secondary education. 
   When the background characters describe what they will always remember at the beginning of the film, their entries are typically things like “Winning State Finals,” “Lacrosse Championships,” or “Math Club President.”  When Hirsch’s character gives his list at the end of the film it is far more cryptic; more inside jokes than explicit events.  I actually prefer this latter method and it inspired me to make my own list. 
   Some of you will understand some of these references; most will understand none.  Only I will understand them all and I think thats the way it should be. 
I Will Always Remember…
   Cafeteria Games, The Enriched Program, Luiker-ball, The Executive Washroom, Kung-Fu Fighting, Stealing Ancient Relics, Unreal Tournament, The Blue Room, Pizza Dates, IPs the Shokker, OZ, 1.6%, Make it Bacon, Silver Spot, Slouzbry Stouvre, Maximum Ice, Late for the Sports Banquet, Battles at Lunchtime, Rent-a-Cop, Spray-Painting, the Coloured Crew, Pool-Hopping, The Leprechaun, The Kilt Krew, Biggest Pimp in Burlington, The Night at the Round Table, No Eyebrows, “Loafting” 
   Thinking back for the purposes of this list I realize that I have more good memories than I thought I did.  And in retrospect, even the bad memories (not alluded to in this list) only served to teach me something.  While I certainly would make some changes if I could go back, I finf I can’t be too mad about how I conducted affairs.
Stay Thirsty,
-Andre Guantanamo

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