Strong Starts (The links don’t show up well on the background)

My Friends,
   A good song is like a good bout of love-making (true or not, its an expedient segue into the topic at hand): foreplay is used to good effect.  Be it a 5 minute instrumental, a threat to the listener, or a soundclip from a film, a good lead-in to a song can set the mood or add some new perspective that the listener might otherwise not glean.  In the following list I make not pretensions about saying what the best lead-ins to songs are, simply some of my favourites:

Song: “Straight Outta Compton”
Artist: N.W.A.
Lead-in: (Dr. Dre) “You are now about to winess the strength of street-knowledge…”

Song: “Starseed” (Live in Montreal)
Artist: Our Lady Peace
Lead-in: Five minutes or so of Raine Maida testing his vocal range
Link: No Link Available
Song:”M-E-T-H-O-D Man”
Artist: The Wu-Tang Clan
Lead-in: Torture skit
Song: “What More Can I Say?”
Artist: Jay-Z
Lead-in: Soundbite from the film Gladiator

Song: “Papa Was a Rolling Stone”
Artist: The Temptations
Lead-in: Instrumental

Song: “Theme from Shaft” (A no-brainer although this lead-in is more than
half of the length of the song which mebbe disqualifies it)
Artist: Isaac Hayes

Song: “It Doesn’t Matter”
Artist: Wyclef Jean
Lead-in: “Yo, this is the Rock, kickin’ it with the Refugee Camp
 and you’re bout to smell what the Rock is cookin’!”

Song: “American Woman”
Artist: The Guess Who
Lead-in: Spelling “American” in a singsongy manner

Song: “Woke Up This Morning” (Exile on Coldharbor Lane Version)
Artist: A3
Lead-in: Monologue that you didn’t hear on ‘The Sopranos’ theme
“You may think this next trick is impossible…”
Song: “The Age of Pamparius”
Artist: Turbonegro
Lead-in: Instrumental and prophetic-sounding gibberish about pizza 
Song: “Jenny From the Block”
Artist: Jennifer Lopez
Lead-in: Singing and instrumental from the Beatnuts (This one actually pisses me off because I don’t really like the rest of the song but something about the first 15-20 seconds is catchy as fuck)

Song: 2nd Round K.O.
Artist: Canibus
Lead-in: Mike Tyson soundbite
Song: “Brooklyn’s Finest”
Artist: Jay-Z feat. The Notorious B.I.G.
Lead-in: ‘Scarface’-inspired smack talk & gunfire
That’s all that comes to mind right now but when I have my itunes library on hand to skim through, this list will definitely be augmented.
Stay Thirsty,
-Andre Guantanamo

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