New York’s Finest

My Friends,
    Lo and behold my hotel in NYC has complimentary computers with internets so here I am.  Got to the city yesterday and instantly started traipsing about Manhattan.  As my woman shopped for clothing on 5th Ave I took the opportunity to talk with a salesperson at Juicy Couture.  It was a fortuitous encounter as he was able to recommend a a nice dinner spot for us (Spice Thai Restaurant).  The hotel we are at is bomb as well; the room, while as large as can be expected for standard rooms in one of the busiest cities on Earth, is well furnished, clean and stylish.  There is a really quaint lounge with complimentary espresso bar as well and were there not so much to do in the city I would be inclined to stick around and brush up on Don Quixote.  But alas, adventures await and its better to have them than read about them.  Kind of like sex…
   In reference to the title of this entry, I have noticed a surfeit of police officers in Manhattan.  I am sure that those who have visited can attest to this fact.  However, I have also noticed that they are incredibly friendly and sociable, interacting with the people and taking pics with tourists.  I realize that there are likely more hardened NYPD types in some of the rougher areas of Manhattan and the other boroughs, but its refreshing to have police officers who don’t act like socializing with the public is a required inconvenience of the job.
   My woman and I just got back to our hotel after lunch and a morning of yoga in central park so now we are going to shower up and check out Williamsburg in Brooklyn.  I hear that as well as being a quaint neighbourhood it is also a hipster Mecca.

We’ll see if this rings true.
Stay Thirsty
-Andre Guantanamo

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