Movin’ on … thinkin of you when I’m gone …

My Friends,
   Sorry this can only be a short post but I am heading to bed early tonight to catch an early plane tomorrow to New York City.  I will be there all of labour day weekend without a laptop so will prolly not be blogging.
   I did want to mention however that I have made that most essential provision for my trip around the world: a travel playlist for my ipod.  Its a good 73 songs deep and I screen-capped it for you to marvel at my musical taste.

Now bear in mind that its only a first draft (normally I am not so meticulous in playlist-making but I will be stuck with this same playlist for six months so I wanna get it right), so if you could take the time to peruse this list and recommend a song or two which I am missing it would be greatly appreciated.  Have a sexy weekend and make love to someone beautiful.
Stay Thirsty
-Andre Guantanamo

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One response to “Movin’ on … thinkin of you when I’m gone …

  1. Safe journey Andre. Open your heart to it all. Mom.

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