Is Putin About to Die?

The terror of the east. Shirtless-horseback-man.

This image is to show Putin as his most virile as a juxtaposition as we are talking about his declining health.

I’m listening to Peter Zeihan on Joe Rogan. He’s got some prescient observations about the state of the world. It’s dark and scary.

Although, if you can wrap your mind about the idea of an inevitable mass culling /war, things will be great after we come out on the other side.

Among Mr. Zeihan’s observations and prognostications, he discusses Russia going to war in order to die on its own terms.
Basically, Russia has only got until the 2070s as he asserts, and their competent, young population has mostly sought life elsewhere on account of the establishment’s oppressive, top-down approach to leadership. Then, as you move up in age from that young, population (the less competent cohort presumably fighting/dying in Ukraine) there is a demographic shortfall of middle-aged Russian, before the population swells again in the pensioner demographic.


Zeihan has a dim view of the Xi administration also. Apparently noone wants to tell Xi Jinping bad news. Also, in spite of a “bottomless well’ of stolen IP, China apparently hasn’t advanced much technologically in the last two decades.* Also, 90% of the calories China consumes have at least one imported input. Not good.

Similarly, China imports huge amounts of energy. It’s not a good time not to be self-sufficient


Geopolitically, Mexico is doing okay. Happy Mexican in a sombrero symbolizes this.

…apparently has twice the skill of the relatively stagnant (vis a vis skill-building) Chinese workforce, and also costs 1/3. Also, Mexico is very integrated with the US economically.

Why it’s working for the US

According to Zeihan, any country blessed demographically and geographically (USA, France, Turkey, Argentina) is in a good position to make it to 2030 and beyond.

Geo-Politics in General

The last time I paid this much attention to geo-politics was during a more Marxist time in my life, and it was all doom & gloom. Also, I lived in Canada, and although I wasn’t aware of it at the time, my life in Canada was a dead-end. I don’t feel like life is a dead-end here in the US, and again—demographically and geographically—the US seems in a better position to fare well than perhaps anywhere else on the planet.

The absolute optimal placement of the USA in the world along these lines, and the fact that I live here, makes me a lot more optimistic as I begin really paying attention to the world again. RealLifeLore has a great Youtube channel which I’ve also been using to get brought up to speed about regional conflicts, energy concerns, food concerns, and the respective survivability of the various nation-states. Things are going to happen over the next decade and affiliation and mobility will be the key to survival.
—more on that another time.

Personally, I am scared, but at the same time I’ve never felt so alive.

America has to Find Itself

If every nation in the world can be anthropomorphized, I would view the United Staes as a brash, young man. Big Dick Energy all the time. Nonetheless, the passage of time reliably wears people and entities down. In Fight Club, Tyler Durden even says, “On a long enough timeline, the survival rate of everything drops to zero,” and while I see the truth in that statement, there’a more to the story of survival. So ‘something, something, something, American exceptionalism‘— maybe America doesn’t get worn down, or let itself get worn down. Maybe it stays sharp and communicates and cooperates more sophisticatedly with its peers, forming more reciprocal relationships and harmonizing, while at the same time never losing the ability and willingness to rain death from above on evildoers. I like that for America. I like that for me.

Stay sharp. Maintain that edge. It’s the only way to protect yourself and the people you care about.

America, the young man will go on a vision quest over the next 10-20 years. It will isolate itself from a lot of countries. It will strengthen its relationships with others—although that won’t necessarily be a smooth or linear process. Perched here in the centre-sweet-spot of the North American continent—we will see suffering all around us. Our garden, walled by Canada, Mexico and two oceans, will be isolated from much of the suffering of the rest of the world—we will not survive unscathed though. Within the walls of our safe garden, snakes and others will spring up and threaten us from within. Our waters will turn brackish and stagnant too if we do not circulate them with those of the outside world—that same outside world which we can always reasonably expect to corrupt and poison us as we draw new vigor from it.

It’s a complicated relationship, wherein we tongue kiss each other with our hands wrapped around each other’s necks.

Once it gets to the other side, America will be so robust in 360 degrees C U B E D S P H E R E D!

Strength—kind, compassionate, upward-oriented strength—radiating in all directions, on all axes, and to all potential allies.

“Even though y’all hate, I love y’all mafuccas/
Friend or foe—y’all all my mafuccas!”
-Jay-Z, Hola Hovito

Love in all directions.

“Sweet King, Martin, sweet Queen Coretta,
Sweet Brother Malcolm, sweet Sister Betty …
—We made it in America!
-Frank Ocean, Made in America

I’ve vision-quested myself in my 20s and 30s. Perhaps I can be one of the more measured energies in the psyche of this great nation over the next two decades. I know what my country can do for me—but I am willing and able to give it a positive ROI.


*It is important to mention China’s pervasive presence in American infrastructure (power cables, systems requiring updates, etc)

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How is this all Going to Go?..

The war in Ukraine I mean. I really don’t like Zelensky. I don’t trust him. I don’t like the Western foreign policy which has provoked Russia into asserting itself. I don’t like that Ukraine seems to be laundering US money, nor do I like that they seemed to have blackmailed the Biden administration into intervening on their behalf.

This is not the same as having no compassion for the Ukrainian people, and sadly there is no shortage—throughout history—of decent, average people getting fucked over because they are led by someone who leads them into hell.

I think what makes me most angry about the war in Ukraine is that it was United States foreign policy which poked the bear. Gideon Rose laid it all out on the 24 Feb 2014 episode of The Colbert Report.

Gideon Rose joked about enticing Ukraine away from Russia on prime time television in 2014 while people laughed

The banal, jowly, doughy face of evil.

More specifically it was Obama’s foreign policy, but it’s hard to even hold Obama accountable because so many things about foreign policy are compartmentalized. If Obama was aware of this fuckery, I doubt he had a real appreciation of its ultimate implications. In some ways Obama seems like an idealistic dupe. and I truly believe he is not evil, but rather he got out of his depth. He got into the presidency without really knowing how dirty he would get. Contrast that to his successor, Trump, who knew how dirty Washington was and prepared accordingly.

Donald Trump was very comfortable fighting dirty, analogous to how Arnold Schwarzenegger got dirty to fight the predator in the film, Predator

But from Henry Kissinger to Gideon Rose, there are people who orbit the presidency (not simply one president, but potentially several) over the course of numerous administrations. These are the ones that put down roots and take power as a given—they are not elected, and—after a certain point of power accumulation—they are no longer really even appointed, but rather they are there.

The AI's controlling the presidency in Metal Gear Solid 2 are analogous to deeply entrenched interests which corrupt power in real life.

In Metal Gear Solid 2: The Sons of Liberty, these presences were AI’s. Let’s go with that…

Was Trump affected by AI? Most certainly.
Was he more prepared to deal with AI than Obama? Certainly. While Obama was more compassionate, fighting AI takes cynicism, which I think Trump had in spades. Ultimately though, like most bullies, I think Trump lacked courage.
Like Bernie Sanders, he would piss on the toilet seat, but not on the carpet. When push comes to shove, everyone plays ball.

Back to Zelensky

‘Dis a joke ‘ting, fam?

Zelensky is/was an actor. I used to be an actor and so I know actors—like vloggers—are scum. Posturing & wardrobe, smoke & mirrors, theatricality & deception….powerful weapons to the uninitiated—the uninitiated in this case being the general North American public.

Ukraine protest in Toronto. Toronto City hall.

Ladies and gentlemen, my home country….fucking pathertic

I think a big part of the support for the Ukraine among boomers (actual ‘baby boomers’ that is) is that they remember the cold war.
For younger generations, I think the memory of Pussy Riot is fresh, and, being progressive, they see all forms of traditionalism as evil. But herein lies the hypocrisy: There’s an image going around which may or may not be doctored, of Zelensky at the NYC pride parade back in like 2000. Big deal—a man can dress as a woman, and even if dude is gay, that doesn’t take away from his resolve. However, I can’t find this picture on Google without some disclaimer: all I can find is this…

This image is an example of how google and bing only show results of the "Zelensky/NYC/Pride" image with disclaimers that it's fake

…and other similar versions of the image with text that denies the image is real. Why would Google’s algorithm (run by Google progressive)s be so concerned about dispelling this happening as a rumor if they believe in the progressive cause? It seems pretty homophobic to me. Personally I’m less concerned with the company he’s keeping and public events he’s attending, and more concerned with his posture—it looks like he has a weak core and lumbar spine (ankylosing spondylitis? ) in the fuller version of this photo, but that’s neither here nor there.

Furthermore, building on the aforementioned truism that actors are scum, we have to really question a man who rejects negotiations at the outset of the invasion. We have to question a man who rejects a proposed Christmas ceasefire as well.

The Ultimate Truth

We live in an unprecedented time which was predicted in the 1997 film, Wag the Dog. Essentially a war was manufactured in that film with CGI, film shoots, etc. If anything, 25 years hence, the danger of that happening is even more real. We live in a world of life-like deepfakes and AI created image and video. Even the narratives themselves could be generated by, again AI. How do we really know who is winning? Is anyone even winning? Is winning the point? Is suffering the point? Is triggering a mass culling event the point? Who the fuck knows anything besides the fact that things seem very compartmentalized.

There’s not much I believe about this war, and I’m certainly not naive enough to believe that Putin is a ‘good guy’ (if those even exist), but he bandwagon jumping on the Ukraine-train which has been accepted by the mainstream? That shit is mad suspect.

To get back to the title of this post, I have no idea how it’s going to go except for another truism—the bottom 85% will bear the greatest burden of suffering so don’t be among their numbers when things go bad.

Peace to all Ukrainians and Russians. Please find a way to work this out.


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An Arrangement

I have an arrangement. It’s not a great arrangement, but if I stick out everything will be fine.

How strong am I? As strong as I need to be.

How masochistic am I? Next question, please…

Sitting in a McDonalds now, avoiding home. The coffee is okay—I’ve had better from McDicks.

Life is precarious and life is precious. There is no shame in being weak, but there is shame in staying that way.

Time is short. Shorter for some than others; longer perhaps for me than anyone. I have all the time in the world.

I have a chance too—someone believes in me and is willing to work on my behalf. That’s good. More than one person in fact.

I made a good, big choices in life as well as small and medium mistakes. I’m not beyond redemption though.

I am good. I am upright. I am moral. I am righteous.

Nothing or noone will change that.


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Gettin’ ’em Wires Off

In a couple hours I am going to go to a dentist and have my wires removed from my mouth. I can communicate pretty well now and the swelling has gone down enough to sip without a straw. This is a good day. Still, I feel apprehensive. I don’t have insurance yet, and I still don’t know what my final bill from my week-long (emergency) hospital stay was. This is through a different clinic I was referred to by the emergency care providers so hopefully they are all on the same page, but I have been anticipating some fuckery about “Well, how are you paying today?”

Nonetheless, I will remain non-plussed. These guys —the medical establishment—put the wires in, and so it feels like a violation of Hippocratic Oath to leave them in.

Maybe I’m making more out of this than I need to. It will probably go smoothly. They probably already know I don’t have insurance from my file.

It’s funny, I never had a hospital stay in Canada where it would have costed me nothing. A few months in the US though and here we are. Fuck it! I survived Latin America and Mexico with no insurance and those places are dangerous as hell—this was meant to happen, so I”m gonna trust the universe and believe that everything will work out as its meant to.


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Day 4 Home?…

*written December 21/2022*

I don’t know. Maybe Day 5 depending on whether you’re counting from the day I got home or my first full day back. My jaw is wired shut and I’m still eating through a straw. My wife did me a solid and picked up a bunch of frozen fruit, protein and other items which I have been nourishing myself with, and today I even blended some chicken tendies from Safeway. Is life good? I think so. Always, I suppose.

I’ve been pretty agreeable since I’ve been injured—a wired jaw will really make you argue a lot less. And with my mouth mostly out of commission, it’s difficult for my wife to accuse me of starting shit. Not impossible, mind you, but I have a lot more plausible deniability when I speak minimally.

The benefit, of that deniability is that it puts her on the spot when shit has gone awry. She has to look at herself and ask herself how the argument started, or what she’s mad about, etc. I think it’s accurate to say that we are all mirrors for each other on some level, but within the context of our marriage, this is the most mirror-like I have been. Looking at someone silently while they yell at you is—at least in theory—a great way to communicate without communicating that they are the problem.

*continued December 26/2022*

Of course, anyone who’s been married knows that being right will not save you—not in the short-term at least. I know that to maintain my soul over the medium/long-term I have to stay aligned with truth. Furthermore, I know that by aligning myself with truth I am agreeing in advance to a lot of arguments and posturing indignation from my better half. So be it.

It’s a new day. We made it through/past Christmas. There was some arguing but I don’t feel as if I provoked—I feel as if I recognized problems in advance and removed those bullets from the chamber before they went off dangerously (often to the chagrin of my wife who was sore that her bristling fur was observed when she maintained she was calm), and otherwise only spoke up to defend myself and/or clarify my position.

The problem with me is that I’m always right; and that’s no easy for a lot of people to deal with. Least of all for a spouse.


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Day 4 in Emergency

These motherfuckers are really taking their sweet ass time with triage. I checked into ER in Maricopa on Friday after getting a vicious sucker punch which fractured my jaw in two places. That night I was transferred to Phoenix. and the last couple mornings someone unfailingly comes in and tells me that my ‘procedure’ been postponed for a day on account of no OR space.

The procedure in question is getting put under so that they can put titanium plates in my jaw. IN the meantime, I’ve ben waiting so long that the pain and bleeding have mostly stopped, and while the left-anterior fracture is setting improperly, a broken jaw that has calmed the fuck down re: bleeding and pain presents a great opportunity to stretch without fear of breaking my jaw.

So that’s what I did last night; lengthening my entire vertebral column and moving it around, and feeling layers of muscle unwrapping from around my and having my skull plates and upper jaw shift.

The jawbone is literally connected to every other bone.

So I got another 24 hours to keep working on that loosening up of the body before the plates go in and I have to chill the f out on intensive stretching while my jaw sets in place.

I also got (minor) concerns that nerve damage could occur during surgery but the docs seem quite competent. I think some ‘detritus’ needs to come out of the right side of my face (wisdom teeth potentially), but I don’t want them pulling tissue out willie nillie because who knows where it could be connected? The jawbone’s connected to the…

Cost notwithstanding, I am glad to have another 24 hours to utilize this broken jaw to stretch and unwrap muscle tissue that is both connected to my right-side jaw and wrapped around my vertebrae and whole right side through fascial chains.


The song, Through the Wire by Ye has been a good song to listen to to take motivation. Also School Spirit. Anything Kanye, really. I rewatched the jeen-yus Kanye trilogy again last night, and one thing he says at the end of the first episode when they foreshadow his car accident is,

‘It was like God saying, “I’m about to hand you the world. Just know at any given time I could take it away from you.”’

That seemed powerful to me, and certainly relatable as my American life is about to take off.


Til next time

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What a Time to be Alive


This Kanye West situation has me intrigued. The last few weeks he has been a Man on Fire and I am hoping that he survives this run. Today I had some time and watched his recent appearance on Infowars. It was surreal.

It’s also funny, as Ye is quite charming and on the ball, seizing the opportunities to make well-timed jokes in between the message he’s putting out.

And ballsy. In case you’re missing context, he pulled out a net (pictured above) and a bottle of Yoo-Hoo and started doing ventriloquism of Benjamin Netanyahu (net + yoo-hoo), openly mocking the Israeli statesman after acknowledging at the outset that Netanyahu was known for having people killed.

And of course the mask gives off ISIS/PLO vibes, making it seem like the news has been taken over by terrorists. Several times as I was watching, reality felt slippery. I couldn’t believe this rock star and (arguably) most famous person on the planet was going on the attack against killers.

Another thing I noticed in this video is that Ye talks more about Zionists than Jews. I think this is for the best because Zionism is a choice as opposed to Judaism which people are born into. And while not all Zionists are bad, the Zionism movement has unarguably created a lot of misery and loss of life in the Middle East.

Also attending the interview was Nick Fuentes (23), an alleged white supremacist who was there as support for Ye. I didn’t know Fuentes before the Trump dinner at Mar-a-Lago, but I don’t see the white supremacy. I’m fairly impressed by how grounded the young man is, and so is Ye, as throughout the interview he keeps referring back to Fuentes to explain factually the topics he brings up during his enlightened stream-of-consciousness.


Some years before his death, the late, great Patrice O’Neal gave his perspective on Tracy Morgan’s situation after getting in trouble with GLAAD and his “great benefactor”, Tina Fey for making wild, homophobic statements during a comedy show.

Some of Patrice’s comments:

“Look, you know I don’t fall for no banana in no tailpipe….Anybody that says it, I believe the opposite; I try to make the opposite opinion right away.” (direct quote)

“There’s no lone gunslingers in Hollywood. You gotta be affiliated. It’s like jail. Someone will ask you who you roll with. If you say ‘Noone; I’m just gonna read and do my time,” then he’ll say, “Okay, well I’m gonna rape you cause you ain’t really got no one lookin’ out for you.” (paraphrased)

“You gotta be part of a cartel…but I deal with mid to low level Jews, because they dont want you to be part of their group. They deal in money. A lot of people expect me to have a revolutionary position and I would disappoint a lot of people if I had to flop around on my belly. I don’t wanna owe that much!” (paraphrased)

“The entertainment industry is the beast and it chews you up and shits you out, and as soon as you get shit out you’re allowed to get back in line to get in its mouth. And there’s always a line up because when you’re in the belly of the beast you’re making $2 Million/week.” (paraphrased)

“That’s why you gotta respect guys like Charlie Sheen who took a stand against the beast—gave the beast indigestion. Or Mel Gibson—shit Mel Gibson was so big he coulda been the beast. And so when he walks away from that you gotta give respect.” (paraphrased)

All soundbites available here.


Patrice is well aware that every celebrity (black or otherwise) is one bad quote away from being on the outs with the establishment or one of its numerous cartels. And, were he alive today, I would be keenly interested to hear his thoughts on Kanye’s stand/the ‘indigestion’ he’s been giving the beast.

“People need to put it all on the line and tell the truth.” -Nick Fuentes

In recent years, the Clown World meme has become popular as a criticism the many inversions we have been told to accept over the last few years. And just as there is something performative in the deceptions we are attacked with, Clown World itself is performative in its satire of the absurdities which come as a logical social consequence of governmental approval-‘maxing’ as a smokescreen for governmental chicanery. This interview is a Clown World art exhibit, or even a Clown World cultural artefact—it feels significant (to me), even if we take it personally when he tap-dances upon our most thoroughly conditioned cultural ideas.

I feel braver with Kanye out there saying what he wants. I feel like not only ‘can I’ say what I want, but I have to say what I want. I mean, I immigrated here to the US from Canada for a lot of reasons, but not least of those was 1A.


For all you gamblers out there, here are my predictions:

-To begin with, there will be quiet for a while and things will return to normal-ish
-people will still be mad going into 2023, but he’ll drop the most undeniably fire album on Jan 1
-it’ll be R. Kelly’s, ‘Chocolate Factory x1000′, in its power to make people disregard the scandal entirely
-Ye will become ordained as a priest
-Ye will win GOP nomination with Trump as running mate (ok by constitution; not permitted by Catholic canon if priest…w/e tho)
-will win presidency
-hilarity will ensue
-he will live long enough to see himself become a villain


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My wife just told me that she lied to her son. That was the end of the conversation for me—I didn’t want to hear the rest of what she had to say because it was description of post-lie conversation.

I told her a few things as she got increasingly frustrated that I didn’t drop the lie issue and allow her to progress with the story. I have been adamant that she stop lying—it’s literally the worst thing a partner of mine can do, and she just blurts it out like its nothing.

Sometimes I feel like being married is easy but being a husband is hard. I don’t know. These lies are disgusting. I don’t think she realizes the effect that lies have on an individual psychologically and physiologically. She’s gonna kill herself or at least warp her moral compass to the point of uselessness by distorting distorting reality as she is.

She’s angry cause I don’t want to hear the rest of the story. I gotta draw a line here—she’s gotta cut the bullshit.

Marriage is like a game of heads up poker where you gotta constantly put your wife to a decision for all her chips constantly.
She’ll call you emotionally abusive, narcissistic, w/e—it’s all a smokescreen to make you defeat yourself.

Put your unruly partner to a decision for all of tgheir chips and don’t brook any lies.

Time is precious and happiness is rare.

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Guess Who’s Going to Jail Tonight

Guess who’s gettin’ Xed.

I fought with my host today—my workaway host—because I too aggressively stated my boundaries.

Guess who’s going to jail tonight?

Got’i’s own proverb so honesty i’my policy
Grunge on the mirror—spoke curtly—that’s my Nirvanity
—La Grangin wit Hermione, strawberry-based irony,
Drinking all the smoothie up, stem-cell lobotomy
Re-versal, Lee thermal, waistband full—Gar-FIELD—Nermal
Dem’s my two kitty-kats, the former one’s the bigger gat, Magnum R&Deagle strap, gold-leaf aristocat


Strapped up in my Civic now, deuce-deuce rimfire kitten—MEOW!
Schizophrenic episode, relapsed into lobotomy, shittier than colostomy

regenerate the neural, layer of mater dura, covering the pre-‘fernal’,
Forcin through re-perrin’ the exitin of the stir stick tha’ad form’ally been inserted,
Through nasal pharyng’ial circuit, perferin

I set fires
Burnin up a dog in a heap—that’s a—that’s a pet pyre
See Rover died again after took a life from Kitty
Took it on a loan—Meow!Gimme collateral,
Gave a cat a bone.

One life from the kitty’s nine
Life was moving up his spine
Owed it back with interest, right
So he had no b’iness dyin


So yes—I rap now.

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I Think the Dog is Frustrated

…because people talk to him like he’s retarded. He’s also an entitled little chunker fat fuck pit bull. He’s got personality in the same way that fair-weather friends have personality—all kinds of well-behaved when there’s food t be doled out; difficult and non-responsive when there isn’t.

It doesn’t help that I’ve been away most of the last two months and his mother has been the only one taking care of him. He was very fat when I came into picture but he’s been losing weight over time.

As you can see from the above two pics, taken in May 2022 and October 2022 respectively, he’s lost a little weight around the waist. It was actually more weight he’d lost but the latter picture was taken when I had already ben gone over a month.

I like my dog. When push comes to shove I love my dog. I think he, he like my wife, is probably tailor-fitted for me by God, and so I’m being really mindful about what lessons there are for me in taking care of both their punk asses.

It’s BLACK friday. I’m endeavoring to do some Christmas shopping. My wife is here now and she is a bit of a Debbie Downer even though I’m Christmas shopping for her and her son. It’s actually pretty pathetic.

She was gone a little earlier this morning and I had a good 2 hour session on Oculus/Horizon Worlds/Adventure Island Sandbox—a PvP shooter. Lots of fun. I play with pistols and grenades primarily, and the manual firing of the pistol has taught me greater dexterity while moving the joystick at the same time with my thumb.
As well, if one can fire manually quick enough, its essentially a close-to-auto rate of fire—slower than SMG which uses same round, and weaker than AR which has a slower auto rate but more powerful round.
It’s fun talking to people on there.

All kinds of people:
-kids (people with pre-pubescent voices anyway) who scream and curse
-kids who try and become friends and call me to various parts of the board to give me good weapons
-cool girls
-girls who make a big deal of being a girl playing online
-black dudes (and people with southern drawls) who talk shit well
-Minnesota SJWs who discuss politics while playing

Basically, all of society is represented.


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